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Helpful Links
  MyPublisher.com to create photo books: Also install a mac plug in so you can order books through mypublisher.
  Blurb to create customizable photo books.
  TasteBook is a great way to create a cookbook. You don't have to finish it all at one time.
  www.copypod.net for pc users to copy music from their ipod to their computer. Trial off of 100 transfer or buy the full version.
  homepage.mac.com/sroy/libra allows you to create multiple itunes libraries
  Retrevo: A site to search support for your new electronic equipment.
Useful Downloads

FireFox: Is an alternative to Internet Explorer as your browser.

Fip4Mac: Can't figure why you can't see wmv files on your mac? This will allow you to watch wmv files on Quicktime

LogMeIn.com : Way to log into your mac from anywhere

Instruction Videos
  What is youtube.com
  What is hardware?
  iPhoto: How to Order Prints
  iPhoto: Splitting Events

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