Katrina's Workshops

Any workshops you would like me to create, please let me know!

I do not have any workshop planned for the future. Please check back in a couple of months.

Want to learn about your computer with your friends in a casual environment? Every three months I put on private workshops around the Roaring Fork Valley. Join my email list to be included in these workshops.

If you already have a group of friends ready to learn, let me know and I'll create a customized workshop for you. I have everything you need to put on a private workshop in your home. I'll bring the projector, projector screen and my laptop. All we need is table big enough to fit 4 to 6 people. I have many workshops to choose from and can create any workshop you want.

Check out the workshops below.

Mac Workshops

The Details

* $135/person for a 3 hour workshop
* 4 to 7 people per workshop
* Need a host to hold the workshop
* I will arrive 15-25 minutes earlier to set up the projector


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